Talks from StPeterPort 2014

In fifty years time, when league tables show that Guernsey is the best place in the world to live, I will be able to tell my grandchildren that I nearly missed the flight to speak at the inaugural TEDxStPeterPort. I had to fly in early because I was teaching the previous day. This meant that I missed the incredible hospitality that Marc and his team bestowed on their speakers; a night that (I heard) will have its own chapter in the history books when the story of Guernsey is re-written. Thankfully, I arrived in time to watch some wonderful people deliver inspirational talks. Marc knows how to curate a conference, that's for sure. As the actress said to the bishop, I feel that I took more than I gave.

Marc Lewis

TEDXStpeterport is an exciting opportunity to engage with others who are interested in rethinking the established. Beyond the obvious online exposure, I am grateful to the people behind the event for providing the platform to discuss the current state of our culture, energy, infrastructure, transportation & environment issues.

Fernando Ocana

TEDx allows the speaker to cast their ideas to a much wider audience through the brand and formula of these talks. The greatest challenge is not the international stage but winning credibility with local people who will be the first followers of your movement.

Toby Birch

Speaking at TedX had a transformative affect on my life, something that I will not forget, and nor do I. It was such an inspring event which allowed me the opportunity to meet with like minded individuals all with the common goal of CHANGE for the community of Guernsey!

Nicky Jenkins

TEDx St Peter Port - what an utterly fantastic event! It was hugely inspiring, brilliantly organised, super-slick, incredibly engaging, phenomenally entertaining - and powerfully thought-provoking too. Impressive events like this one can change people, and in turn, society. A brilliant event created by a brilliant Team. Shed Simove, professional speaker on creativity and innovation

Shed Simove