Speaker Testimonials

TEDx Speaker Feedback 2016


David Green
Author of The Invisible Hand: Business, Success & Spirituality

It was my first TED experience and I was heartened by the passion and compassion of my fellow speakers and the audience who all share the common goal to unite and change ourselves to make our world a better place.


Ed Fidoe
21st Century Education

The tedx St. Peter port team have created a truly thought provoking event for open minded people on an island where anything is possible. What a stimulating couple of days we had!!


Eric Avner
Philanthropy Labs

Thank you for including me in this very special gathering. My brain and my heart were stretched by the wide range of TEDxStPeterPort’s inspirational speakers. I will always cherish my experience here, and I can say with pride that I #BelieveinGuernsey.


Erin Matlock
Brain Summit

TEDxStPeterPort and the wonderful people of Guernsey have changed me forever. Marc Winn and Jockathon Petite, along with the tireless team, created an unforgettable event bringing together beautiful minds from all over the world. Every detail was met with the most loving attention, and I learned that an entire island can come together in fellowship to explore how to create a kinder world. I am beyond grateful to have been included in such an elite speaker lineup, and I will cherish every single friendship I made during my brief time there.


Genevieve Langford
Local Creative

A beautiful and heart-warming weekend of Tedness. Talks touched on many subjects that affect us all on a deep emotional level, and changed our perception of the world around us. Mix this with plenty of laughter and some serious bear hugs and you have the recipe for a massively awe-inspiring few days and a hundred new global friendships.


Jack Kreindler
Future Healthcare

I did not expect this to be such an exceptional event. I am humbled and honored to have been invited and contribute amongst such an esteemed accomplished and inspirational group of thinkers and, more importantly, doers. This was one of the most well produced, best curated and brilliantly hosted TEDx events I have been to or seen. Thank you!


Justin Sykes
How private investment can save the world

I was hugely impressed by Tedx St Peter Port 2016. The quality of the speakers, combined with incredible organisation and the massive interest of people from all walks of life in Guernsey made for a really special event. Congratulations to the Dandelion Project for putting on another fantastic show. You are making change happen!


Mac McCartney

To all of you who organised and contributed to this wonderfully vibrant, powerful, heart-song event, thank you. You were generous, loving, and welcoming.To all of you who came to TEDxStPeterPort and gave your focused attention to the speakers; you were warm, receptive, appreciative and inspiring.I leave your island intellectually stimulated, emotionally moved, and spiritually renewed.Thank you.


Nadav Wilf
Building community that creates exponential impact

TEDx StPeterPort was one of the most transformational events I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of and I’ve been part of many. The foundation of creating a conscious and loving community that’s scalable to the world was a rocket launching pad for greatness. The event went along seamlessly in a beautiful venue, the speakers were diverse, well versed in their field and sharing passionately. I’m grateful to have been asked to speak and look forward to sharing in the impact made by both the talks and the audience coming together for the purpose of making Guernsey the best place to live by 2020.


Orla Wahba

Back in the US and I can’t seem to stop sharing my wonderful experiences from this past weekend with everyone I’m speaking to. I am so super grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with each of you! This was truly such a phenomenal experience for me in every way possible; the warmth, the connectivity, the kindness, and the outstanding support and encouragement coming from all of the organizers as well as each of the speakers was touching, inspiring and uplifting! Coming back to work, I have a renewed sense of energy and excitement that I know is sure to last with me for months to come! I thank YOU all and sincerely hope we stay in touch!


Paul Chambers
The challenge of cultural change

I drank deeply from the well of kindness last Friday and felt drenched by the remarkable support and encouragement of all. To be surrounded by some of the most gifted humans from around the world was, to say the least, a tad daunting. You were all so so wonderful – and I thank you from the deepest part of my soul.


Rupert Oldridge
Half Analogue, Half Human. No particular order

The most jam packed day of non stop mind blowing inspiration ever. I really felt excited for the future of the world with so many incredible talks and people doing outstanding things. The day connected each speech and everyone felt connected with the friendly vibes.


Santi Siri
The Future of Democracy

TEDxStPeterPort made me realize that thre are no limits to how big can a community can dream in order to create a unique place on earth. Kindness, openness and enthusiasm was felt throughout the entire event.


Scott Thrift

The team producing TEDxStPeterPort was professional, welcoming and truly committed to a great event. No detail was overlooked and the day was run seamlessly. I was especially impressed with Marc Winn’s curation of the speakers and how each subject blended into the next to create an ensemble of daring ideas and insights into culture.


Søren Hermansen
Fossil Free Island

TEDx StPeterPort was great! Very impressive in organizing, in participation, in the quality of the talks. Good job


Vanessa King
The Ten Keys to Happier Living

What an amazing, inspiring TEDx experience. Fantastically curated, brilliantly organised and FUN. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of. My head was buzzing with ideas and my heart was full warmth from sharing the stage with such wonderful, courageous and creative people who are now friends! A very big THANK YOU to all involved.

Oliver Guillou

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, the speakers were motivational and amazing, I felt out of my depth being on the line-up amongst them, but it was great to be there. I was nervous but the experience was incredible and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to speak.

TEDx Speaker Feedback 2015


Bjorgvin Saevarsson
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Ecala Group

It was both inspiring and a privilege to give a talk at TEDxStPeterPort. By staying some additional days and getting to know the wonderful island of Guernsey and its people and culture, I will be doing what I can in order for them to realise their ambition of becoming the “Best place to live in the world by 2020”. I look forward to returning very soon.


Darren Pritchard
The Intersection of Art and Technology

It was a profound thought provoking and empowering experience and met some magical people. What you have strated in Guernsey will no doubt resonate around the world.  “Think globally, act locally”


David Orban
The Future

TXSPP was a blast! Have you ever been to Guernsey? I didn’t even know where it was on the map, but now I have discovered a wonderful community that really cares about changing the world, starting with their island. Exceptional people, who are creative, generous, and who organize a wonderful event, making their speakers feel really welcome. If you have a chance to attend or to speak, I recommend to take full advantage of it! Even if I still barely know where Guernsey is…


James Maskell
Primary Healthcare

It was such a pleasure to be part of TEDx StPetersPort for so many reasons. Marc, Jock and the team put on a great show, getting the best out of the speakers and audience by curating and motivating with equal measure. So many amazing opportunities have come from participating, and I would never hesitate it to recommend this event to anyone passionate about the future of mankind.


James Norris
Reimagining Education

TEDxStPeterPort was outstanding. The energy, the people, the environment–it all came together to form a deeply memorable experience. This was my first time experiencing Guernsey’s magic and for that I’m truly appreciative. It’s events like this that help show the world what makes Guernsey such a special place.


Jo Lucas
Reimagination of Building/Planning

TEDx in Guernsey was such an experience for us as a family. As always the girls are a true reflection of an environment and not only did they spend the weekend cuddling everybody, Rosalind is currently planning to launch her own online business – no doubt inspired by the wonderful talks on entrepreneurship! Thank you for such amazing hospitality- we were completely spoiled.


John Sweeney
Kindness and Movements

It was without doubt one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Full of ideas and inspiration, but best of all, were the friendships I’ve made. TEDxStPetersPort will change the lives of many people in Guernsey, and also on this earth, that is something we all should be proud of. Everyone had the space and freedom to be themselves and Marc, Jock and team, deserve massive respect for all of that. Leave you with a quote that summed up the entire event. “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


Josh Valman
Maker Movement

When every single person in a room is trying to push their own limits – that room becomes incredible. TEDxStPeterPort is incredible. By combining the most exciting, limitless visionaries, with those who wish they could jump, you inspire action. That spirit is harnessed at the event, and on the island. Imagine if the whole of Europe, or the entire world could create such a feeling? Speaking from the heart


Julian Hanford
Art Challenging Norms

My experience of TEDx St Peter Port was amazing – from the moment the wonderful Marc Winn asked me to get involved to the final event in March. An incredible team, with an incredible mission and incredible drive. Guernsey does not know how lucky it is to have this going on, on its doorstep. I only hope I’m asked back again some day.


Martin Bjergegaard
Startup Enthusiast

TEDx St.PeterPort buzzed with energy and I went away believing that if more communities come together this way, we can truly transfer our world within one generation.


Martyn Dorey
Smart Laws

TEDx St Peter Port is an exciting movement. Marc, Jock and the team encouraged us to explore our ideas in 2014 and we were so excited to come and share our work in the class of 2015. Thank you so much for lighting the touch paper, still inspired, still reaching.


Michelle Ayres
Mental Health/Education

We all came with open minds, warm and interested, willing to speak about our ideas. Willing to meet new people and open to hear others views on how to make Guernsey the best place to live. We felt hopeful.


Mike Dickson
CEO and Founder of Rainmaker Foundation

Marc and Jock have gathered a great team around TEDxStPeterPort. Everything works – their choice of challenging / interesting speakers, the tech!, their wonderful hospitality, and their ambition – to place Guernsey at the forefront of ‘new ideas worth doing’. Rather than just ‘spreading’!


Seán Wood
Constructive Journalism

What stood out at TEDxStPeterPort was how the organisers plugged the speakers’ ideas and innovations into a vision for making Guernsey the best place to live on Earth by 2020 – a vision that was disruptive but firmly focused on engaging the local community. Our global situation requires a new narrative for how we shape our societies, which is bold but fully inclusive, and events such as this can help catalyse it into action.


Warren Mauger
The Power of Purpose

Tedx St Peter Port was an inspiring event with such a range of speakers who have achieved change for the better in so many different ways. There was a real sense of purpose behind all the talks that illustrated when you know what you want to achieve there is very little that will stop you. You just have to be willing to give it a go. The event created many new relationships and collaborations that will in time lead to new exciting things happening.


Shed Simove

TEDx St Peter Port – what an utterly fantastic event! It was hugely inspiring, brilliantly organised, super-slick, incredibly engaging, phenomenally entertaining – and powerfully thought-provoking too. Impressive events like this one can change people, and in turn, society. A brilliant event created by a brilliant Team. Shed Simove, professional speaker on creativity and innovation www.MotivationalUKSpeaker.com


Nicky Jenkins

Speaking at TedX had a transformative affect on my life, something that I will not forget, and nor do I. It was such an inspring event which allowed me the opportunity to meet with like minded individuals all with the common goal of CHANGE for the community of Guernsey!


Toby Birch

TEDx allows the speaker to cast their ideas to a much wider audience through the brand and formula of these talks. The greatest challenge is not the international stage but winning credibility with local people who will be the first followers of your movement.


Fernando Ocana

TEDXStpeterport is an exciting opportunity to engage with others who are interested in rethinking the established. Beyond the obvious online exposure, I am grateful to the people behind the event for providing the platform to discuss the current state of our culture, energy, infrastructure, transportation & environment issues.


Marc Lewis

In fifty years time, when league tables show that Guernsey is the best place in the world to live, I will be able to tell my grandchildren that I nearly missed the flight to speak at the inaugural TEDxStPeterPort. I had to fly in early because I was teaching the previous day. This meant that I missed the incredible hospitality that Marc and his team bestowed on their speakers; a night that (I heard) will have its own chapter in the history books when the story of Guernsey is re-written. Thankfully, I arrived in time to watch some wonderful people deliver inspirational talks. Marc knows how to curate a conference, that’s for sure. As the actress said to the bishop, I feel that I took more than I gave.