Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback 2016

It was a fantastic event covering a wide variety of topics and presented
to allow everyone their own opinion. I had detailed debates with people from very different backgrounds and it was notable that even when we disagreed everyone kept an open mind and respectful attitude. I also learnt a lot about the local community and left with a positive motivated attitude towards my Island and the people who live here.
It was a very informative, inspiring and empowering day.
Great speakers. Thought provoking. No other opportunities like that on the island.
The venue was great. All of the technology worked perfectly on the day and the volume was spot on. Great food. Good line up of speakers. I liked that there were local and global speakers. The host was very good and smoothly moved the program on from speaker to speaker. Overall very good.
It was inspirational, I think a lot of people would benefit.
This was the most inspiring and we’ll curated, brilliantly produced, and frankly mind blowing conference I have ever been to!
A chance to learn about new technologies and to spark creativity. Also opportunity to mix with new people.
Well organised. Relevant to my life, interesting, enjoyable and thought provoking.
Great, challenging speakers both globally and as importantly locally. Be difficult to identify a more credible on island event. Well done to all.
I have attended previous TED events outside of Guernsey and watched numerous TED event videos, this was up there with the best of them, a truly world class, 5 star event!
The event was fantastic.
For me the day was a real inspiration and a pivotal part in clearing my mind and focussing me on a wholistic personal change. It brought me to realise my passions and I will make a huge difference now I believe in my own gifts. Thankyou TEDx!
My first time at the Guernsey TEDx talks and the organisation and list of live and recorded speakers were truly inspirational. Discussing the talks in the breakout sessions with people i would probably never meet have made me want to take a more positive path. Thankyou.
Truly exceptional day. Incredible networking and has lead to some great opportunities to continue supporting entrepreneurs from across the Channel Islands for months to come. Proud to have supported TEDx St Peter Port, well done!
Brilliant Tedxstpeterport. Great positive and knowledgable people to inspire great things in our community.
It is always an inspiring event which makes you ask challenging but healthy questions about your life and direction of travel.
This was the first Tedex talk I have attended to, and I was blown away by how well organised it was, how entertaining it was, by how important issues wasn’t just talked about and pointed out (like we used to it from the media) but great ideas,solutions and inspiration were offered. It was very uplifting and restored my faith and hope for humanity and left me with the urge that I also take part with everything
I have in the action for change. A HUGE THANK YOU, YOU ARE ALL SO WONDERFUL!
The quality of the speakers and variety of topics makes me want to attend more TED events.
It was simply a wonderful day in every way!
Inspirational, broadening horizons, infectious crazy 24 hours!
The speakers were inspiring; they made me believe in humanity again and realise that I was not alone in my views to change the world and help others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul x
Whole experience beyond expectations. Relaxed entry, I had paid online but had a personal tizzy cos I didn’t seem to have a ticket. Snacks provided were great and unexpected. Great variety and quality of speakers. Loved it!
Incredible speakers, awesome atmosphere with positive and present attendees, incredibly well organised, loads of new and old connections made, great food!
The event was very well organized, and the line up of speakers well-curated and world-class. It has made me view subject like addiction, education and social finance in a completely different light. Inspirational.
Quality of the speakers was great. Very varied but all relevant to the wider theme. An inspirational event.
Hugely inspiring event that has planted the seed of ideas to learn more about. It was also a great opportunity to be meet new, like-minded people.
A stimulating, exciting and informative event. Well organised, a platform for everyone to share ideas. St Peter Port TEDx rocks!!
Truly AWESOME event – incredible speakers, well curated, amazing hospitality. Inspiring every single delegate to become the best version of themselves. Truly life changing. Thankyou xx
A great mix of inspirational speakers all with relevance to making Guernsey the best place to live by 2020.

TEDx Youth Audience Feedback 2016

TEDx Youth at St Peter Port was the start of youth participation, engagement, their own organisation, and engagement. That is why a 10. And we need to maintain that.
Good to hear people speaking out so honestly about their experiences and with such positive attitudes. Very well organised, with lots of information on the event.
I found the speakers and the themes spoken about extremely interesting and inspiring! I would definately go again!
A totally inspirational evening, giving young people the opportunity to be heard, it was fun, and full of hope.
Utterly brilliant, inspiring, fascinating, fun, engaging, and 100% not boring.
The talks were very inspiring
I found the evening very interesting, learning about issues that are facing the young people. I found it a shame that more deputies and people in power who could help with these issues or need to be made aware of these issues were not present at the event. Young people also have a lot to offer us with their ideas and perspectives and we should be there to support them whenever we can. After all, they are the future!
I loved hearing other people’s ideas, the speaker’s were so engaging and interesting and the atmosphere was so inspiring.
Great to see young people express themselves and teach us adults a thing or two!
Excellent presenters and powerful talks.
A great evening filled with lots of inspirational and thought provoking talks!
Excellent range of subjects and a good mix of fresh voices with tried and tested speakers.
Absolutely inspiring and emotional day. Best event of the year.
Excellently organised and presented. Speakers were remarkable.

Audience Feedback 2015

It was a inspiring day unlike anything else in Guernsey
It was a great day ~ well organised; fantastic speakers talking on a range of diverse subjects; good tempo; plenty of short breaks; lovely food and snacks provided; great positive energy……..Why wouldn’t everyone choose a 10?? Well done to all involved ~ a real success.
It was a great day. Excellent speakers, very well organised and a chance to meet some really interesting people.
 I thought the whole day was great. The speakers were very impressive and there were lots of ideas to take away and think about. I also though the event was very well organised and curated, the room layout was good and Marc did a good job of keeping the day on track. This was my first TED event and I’m already looking forward to the next one.
Very informative, fun & well organised
Refreshing, stimulating, positive, thought provoking.
It was a great day, full of inspiration and positivity. Everyone was lovely and I love meeting new people 
A valuable experience that anyone and everyone should attend at least once.
I thought the day flowed well, the calibre of speakers was exceptionally high, the short breaks worked well rather than a long break in the middle and a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people. An event empowering the attendees to make a difference in their community. 10 out of 10
Good speakers and a wide variety of subjects. Perhaps the only comment is that there could have been a time at the end of the day for discussion to bring together some common threads that could be locally applied.
It was an entertaining day. I found it personally very interesting.
The speakers at TEDx St Peter Port were stimulating, provocative and inspiring. A great day and I look forward to attending another.
One of the best event I went in my life. So good for our community!
It was thought-provoking and a breath of fresh air.
The whole day was amazing and totally inspirational. I don’t think there was a talk that i didn’t take something from. Some were more relevant or powerful than others, but every one had a thought provoking message.
Inspiring range of speakers, well run, engaged audience. A great escape from the day to day, and a chance to see things differently.
I love watching TED talks & often share them with my friends, I feel really privileged that our community is coming together to learn and inspire each other, with a shared purpose in mind. Going to an organized TEDx event opens your mind to topics that may not get your attention online, which expands your thinking. In my mind the more people that engage with TEDx the better, it is only by bringing together diverse thinking that we will find new solutions
Wide selection of speakers, all from different backgrounds and global locations. Interesting and informative talks, a great source of inspiration!
It was educational, inspiring and motivating.
It was a great day, all of the speakers talks were very interesting and made you think. The presentation room, facilities, food etc were all to a high standard.
Variety of talks, refreshing ideas, well organised, fun, good atmosphere.
Event was positive, informative, entertaining, professional, thought provoking, inspiring.
As I have already talked to so many and recommended it to everyone there was really no other option to choose! Such a positive and inspirational day should be part of everyone’s annual diary.
Mind opening, different ideas, sharing, new experiences and meeting new people.
I am a person who gets inspired by listening to motivational speakers. The value I get from these events is immense and I would most definitely recommend to a friend. Thank you for bringing TEDx to Guernsey, I am sure it will only get bigger so hold on to your seats for next year. No pressure on the expectation then!!
A wonderful day with lots of variety and inspirational speakers. Marc did a great job in setting this all up, well done!