Book your place at the fourth TEDxStPeterPort event. Future Guernsey aims to make our home one of the happiest and healthiest places in the world. Be part of that plan.

20 talks, 15 speakers from home and abroad, four themes, one day, our future.

9am - 5pm (doors open 8.30am - 6.30pm)
5th May 2017
St Pierre Park Hotel
Limited tickets.

What to expect

Over the last three years, TEDxStPeterPort has asked the question ‘how do we make Guernsey the best place to live on Earth.’

In October 2016 the States of Guernsey set out to answer that question with the Future Guernsey plan.

So, now it’s time for TEDxStPeterPort to ask a new question. How can we, as a community, contribute to Future Guernsey and help to turn that plan into a reality?

Imagine a country where everyone has equal opportunity to achieve their potential. A place which nurtures its unique heritage, respects its environment and fosters a diverse and successful economy. Future Guernsey is that country.

TEDxStPeterPort will be curated around the four themes of Future Guernsey:

Our economy
Our quality of life
Our community
Our place in the world

Throughout a day of short, impactful talks, TEDxStPeterPort will help us make connections, spark conversations, ignite community projects and collectively achieve that vision.

TEDxStPeterPort tickets: £75.00.

TEDxStPeterPort ticket and secret after-party: £100.00


The Speakers

Simon Walker
Tyler Edmonds
Sarah Bird
Sarah Bentley
Pat Johnson
Mike Warwick
Justin Locke
Greg Tehven
Gary Evans
David Matthews
Chrissy Levett
Chris Dayson
Alan Budge

Event information

TEDxStPeterPort comprises of 20 talks, with 15 live speakers and five recorded TED talks. Topics range from the future of money, to time banking and putting Guernsey on the map.

Talks are short and thought-provoking. Our tried and tested format encourages the audience to take breaks when they want, enjoy refreshments at any time and there is plenty of time to discuss ideas and meet like-minded people.

Bring a friend or family member. Encourage your colleagues to take time out from work and remember that the youngest members of our community are welcome in our creche where the talks are streamed live.


About TEDx

The aim of TEDxStPeterPort is to inspire, engage and catalyse the Guernsey population to make positive, innovative steps to improving quality of life on the island.

TEDxStPeterPort seeks to raise the bar for the perception of what is possible to achieve and deliver the message to Guernsey that “Nothing Is Impossible.”

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