Talks from TEDxStPeterPort 2017

Why Crowdfund? To Make Your Idea A Reality – Simon Walker

The Music for Everyone Campaign – Tyler Edmonds

Timebanking in the UK: It’s About Time – Sarah Bird

Small is Beautiful: Lessons from Highly Innovative Smaller Countries – Jen Rae

Reversing the Managed Decline of Infrastructure in Guernsey – Pat Johnson

Islands: Ground Zero for Global Energy Transition – Justin Locke

How to Survive School – Mike Warwick

The Social Value of Social Prescribing | Chris Dayson

Vulnerability: The Key to Unlocking Your Creative Genius – Chrissy Levett

Guernsey Prison: Reducing The Prison Population – David Matthews

Removing barriers to inclusion & participation – user-centred design – Gary Evans

Conventional Economic Development is Dead Wrong – Greg Tehven

Why The World Needs Community Kitchens – Sarah Bentley

Participatory Budgeting: Citizen Led Public Funding – Alan Budge

Making Public Services Better – Caroline Makepeace