Delighted to announce TEDxStPeterPort 2016 is going ahead in February 2016


3 Wonderful Days - 3 World Changing Events

With international and local speakers being added all the time, these will be fabulous and inspiring days.



Friday, 19 February 2016 from 9:00am to 5:00pm
at Beau Sejour, Amhurst Road, St Peter Port GY1 2DL

The aim of TEDxStPeterPort is to inspire, engage and catalyse you,  the Guernsey population,  to make positive and  innovative steps to improving quality of life on the island.

Inspiring speakers from all over the world will be here to answer challenging questions relevant to our local issues.   We also have local speakers who are delivering community level innovation projects that have a positive impact and quality on our lives.

Due to the demand last year, we are moving to a new venue this year with twice the audience capacity.   We want to see it full

The doors will be open from 8:30am and the whole day is fully catered. The bar will be open until 6:30pm for a post event wind down.

The After Party

The after party will be taking place at a secret location from 7:30pm until late. Food, drink and entertainment will be provided.

Partner with us

Corporate CSR Packages and Partnership Opportunities are also available. Find out more here.

Pay What You Can Tickets

There will be a limited number of Pay What You Can tickets will be made available and released in January. Contact [email protected]com for more information.

Supporting TEDxStPeterPort2016 we have two new events this year:-

[email protected] 2016

18 February 2016 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Beau Sejour, Amhurst Road, St Peter Port GY1 2DL

The aim of [email protected] is to provide a platform for the young people of Guernsey to inspire, engage and catalyse the Guernsey population to make positive, innovative steps to improving quality of life on the island.

[email protected] aims to address a wide range of disciplines covering every aspect of life on the island.

[email protected] will be curated by younger members of our community in conjunction with The Dandelion Project.


Doors will be open from 6:45pm.

The Dandelion Project Community Hackathon

20 February 2016 at 12:30pm to 6:00pm
The Digital Greenhouse

Turn ideas and inspiration into action at The Digital Greenhouse. Do you have a project idea for improving the community? Do you want to get involved in an innovative project to improve the island? If yes then join us for Guernsey’s first Community Hackathon to start building a brighter future for us all.

Speakers confirmed for TEDxStPeterPort 2016


Ed Fidoe
Ed Fidoe 21st Century Education
Ed Fidoe is an education advisor and reformer passionate about creating educational institutions fit for the 21st century. In 2012 he co-founded School 21, an innovative all-through school in Stratford, East London, which aims to give all its students the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century. Having previously been a Senior Manager at McKinsey & Co. Ed is now the Director of KP FOX, a strategy consultancy firm that specialises in advising leading educational institutions on their most pressing issues. Recent clients include elite universities such as Cambridge and LSE, prestigious independent school Eton College, and renowned educational organisations such as Ark Schools, Teach First and Frontline.
Santiago Siri
Santiago Siri The Future of Democracy
Founder and president of Democracy Earth, a Y Combinator backed non-profit doing the largest global effort to deliver an open source solution to online voting. Founding peer of Partido de la Red (The Net Party), a political party that aims to improve representation with candidates committed to citizens requests online. An advocate for Bitcoin since 2011 helping startups, e-commerce sites and nonprofits to adopt it and a partner of, the largest Bitcoin exchange in Latin America. In 2007 founded Popego, a pioneering big data research lab acquired by Brazilian boo-box in 2011. Co-founded the Argentine Game Developers Association in 2001. Elected as Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. Contributes in radio and television evangelizing about the virtues of technology. His first book 'Hacktivismo' was published in 2015 by Random House.
Orly Wahba
Orly Wahba Kindness
Orly Wahba is an educator, entrepreneur, and community activist passionate about inspiring and motivating people to make the world a kinder place. In 2011, Orly founded Life Vest Inside, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower and unite the world with kindness. Through Life Vest Inside, Orly encourages people to embrace the incredible power of giving and recognize that in times of hardship, kindness, like a life vest, keeps the world afloat.

LVI gained international acclaim when Orly’s award-winning film Kindness Boomerang went viral, receiving over 30 million views and counting and eventually landing her a spot to speak at TED2013 on the magic of kindness.

Orly began her career in kindness as a Middle School educator empowering children to embrace unity, build their self-value, and use their power to influence the world for good. As her kindness community grows by the thousands, more people are experiencing the addictiveness in the giving of kindness.

Eric Avner
Eric Avner Philanthropy Labs
Eric Avner has built his life building cities, specifically Cincinnati, Ohio. He currently oversees community development investments for the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation, maintaining a focus on strengthening Cincinnati’s distinctive urban neighborhoods, building a talented regional workforce, and encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. Eric also oversees People’s Liberty (, the foundation’s 8,000 square foot philanthropic lab, as an experimental platform for innovative grantmaking.
Søren Hermansen
Søren Hermansen Fossil Free Island
I am going to talk about people and community. How does a community define itself as a community and when are a community capable of making decisions. There is a lack of social capital in local communities today. People are afraid of changes and they fear the future because the social/cultural life the last decade seemed only to decline.

To make change and more resilient communities you need a confident and trusting happy community full of engaged and optimistic people who believe in the future and who wants to make it better!

Jack Kreindler
Jack Kreindler Future Healthcare
Jack Kreindler is a physician and tech entrepreneur, specialising in high altitude physiology and the application of elite sport science to help the sickest patients achieve their goals. In 2007 he founded CHHP (Centre for Health and Human Performance) in Harley Street, renowned for its work with athletes, complex cases and celebrity charity challenges. Kreindler founded Sentrian (formerly Jointly Health) in 2012. Based in California, Sentrian is pioneering new methods of machine learning using bio-sensors to better manage millions of patients with complex chronic disease, avoiding preventable hospitalisations.
Mac Macartney
Mac Macartney Leadership
Mac is the founder of Embercombe, a social enterprise located in Devon that seeks
to inspire people from all walks of life to contribute their gifts and energy towards a
just and sustainable world. Over a period of twenty years Mac was mentored and
coached by a group of Native American spiritual teachers. During this training and
ever since he has attempted to bring two worlds together – an ancient world view
that emphasises relationship, interdependence, and reverence for life with the huge
challenges and equally huge opportunities of the 21st Century. Mac is the originator
of Embercombe’s powerful and evocative programme ‘The Journey’, leads
Embercombe’s work with large corporations, and has sat on the sustainability
advisory boards of several large business organisations. He is now speaking at many
conferences, festivals, and gatherings where he is able to use his considerable ability
to move, inspire, and challenge diverse audiences. Recent talks include the Harvard
Business School Club of New York, Grunenthal, Mars, Glastonbury Festival, and the
Association for Collaborative Professionals in Vancouver. He is the author of ‘Finding
Earth, Finding Soul’ and is currently writing a second book, provisionally titled
‘Beyond Hope’. Mac was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Education from
the University of Plymouth. He lives at Embercombe with his wife and son.
Scott Thrift
Scott Thrift Time
Scott Thrift is an award winning filmmaker, the co-founder of m ss ng p eces & the artist behind ThePresent. Thrift’s interest in the elasticity of time was born in non-linear editing rooms. He created ThePresent as a release valve for the pressures of modern time. A self proclaimed 'arm chair philosopher' Thrift's inquiry into time landed on the question, “How can we live in the moment, if the moment changes every second?” The answer is ThePresent, a work of art that provides access to a larger scale of time; so that our idea of what a 'moment' means expands to new dimensions.
Nadav Wilf
Nadav Wilf Title: Building Community that Creates Exponential Impact
Nadav has 12 years of experience building, investing in and selling tech startups. Nadav founded Matrix Media Technologies, a leading search engine optimization firm, driving millions of visitors annually in search for Fortune 500 and top tech clients. Matrix was acquired by GearyLSF, the largest interactive agency in San Diego, in 2009.

After MatrixMT, Nadav chose to shift his focus on creating impact in the world and founded, a platform for businesses to integrate philanthropy into everyday life. After Enlightened ran out of cash, Nadav joined Peter Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE Foundation, as Chief Possibility Officer and partner in HeroX . HeroX is a spinoff of XPRIZE and the leading platform for incentive challenges.

Nadav loves HeroX because it is an exponential tool to help people to fulfill on their vision by building communities that share that vision. He gets the pleasure of connecting with experts in a wide spectrum of fields from energy, to healthcare, to construction.

Rupert Oldridge
Rupert Oldridge
Half Analogue, Half Human. No particular order.

The UK's most energetic all rounded beatboxer,and official World Champion in 2015 with The Beatbox Collective

Has taught over 100,000 people how to beatbox live. Conjuring crowds, building atmospheres, engaging and amazing audiences of all ages and musical genres with each display. With the ability of holding any stage together, Bass6 is known as the glue to any event with his positive and powerful approach to every performance.

Erin Matlock
Erin Matlock Founder, Brain Summit
Erin Matlock is founder of Brain Summit, a mental health advocate and popular blogger. After overcoming a crippling battle with severe depression, she went on to create an online community where she openly shares her search for a better brain.
Intimately familiar with the emotional and physical challenges of the community she serves, Erin actively engages a following of 200,000 people each month. For 10 years, she has worked in the brain health and mental health markets helping individuals and organizations reach a wider audience by connecting at an honest and human level. In the Fall of 2015, Erin produced The Sound/Mind Experiment. She became a public case study for The Listening Program, an evidence based sound frequency training that is used to enhance focus, productivity, creativity and emotional resilience. What started as a quest for better brain performance turned into a journey of self awareness, connectedness and a deep sense of inner peace and belonging. She now blends her love of neuroscience and spirituality into an honest discussion of what’s possible for healing on a global level.
Paul Chambers
Paul Chambers The Challenge of Cultural Change: Embedding Restorative Practices in Community
Paul became the Restorative Justice Co-ordinator for the Bailiwick of Guernsey over 7 years ago and began using restorative approaches in a range of situations; Assaults, bullying, cyber-bullying, workplace conflict, community breakdown and anti-social behaviour with statutory and non-statutory agencies on the Island. He has trained many practitioners from a wide range of organizations and individuals including Teachers, Prison, Police and Probation Officers, Social Workers and Faith and Community Leaders. He continues to develop strategy and Co-ordinate the implementation of that strategy in the Bailiwick and to practice as a facilitator conferencing serious incidents and crimes.
Vanessa King
Vanessa King The Ten Keys to Happier Living
Vanessa King is a leading expert on the practical application of the science of happiness, resilience and wellbeing in our everyday lives, communities and in organisations.She regularly speaks all around the world on topics such as: Why Happiness Matters, Why Happiness is a Serious Business, How to Build your Resilience, 5 Questions about Happiness, Simple Skills for Psychological Wellbeing, and the 10 Keys to Happier Living.

Vanessa is a Board Member and Lead Positive Psychology and Workplace Expert for Action for Happiness

Justin Sykes
Justin Sykes How private investment can save the World
Justin Sykes is an economic development specialist with over 15 years’ experience in structuring, financing and implementation of innovative and large-scale impact investments for international charities, development agencies, foundations and the private sector that have created thousands of businesses and new jobs.

Justin is the Managing Director of Innovest Advisory, a boutique consultancy company which works at the nexus between innovation and social impact and seeks to link socially minded investors with impact investment opportunities within Guernsey and internationally.

Genevieve Langford
Genevieve Langford
Genevieve Langford is a local creative who likes to apply her skills and ideas to all sorts of projects. Having run a gallery, lived in a shipping container and dived with sharks she has now started a new boutique ‘hotel with a soul’ - Ziggurat - in the heart of St Peter Port, Guernsey. Always wanting to do things differently, and to make a positive difference in whatever corner of the world she is living, the aim is to use Ziggurat as a vehicle to help others. Karma Kitchen was launched in December 2015 and the hope is that it becomes a regular feature on the Guernsey social enterprise calendar.
David Green
David Green
David Green has lived in Guernsey for 9 years. He started his career in the City of London in merchant banking and as a Eurobond trader before starting his niche finance business when he was 23 which was sold when he was 42. His stressful life s an entrepreneur changed profoundly after having a spiritual experience in his 30s and after meeting a 91 year old guru from India who taught him how to meditate and that material and spiritual success are inextricably interlinked.

He is author of The Invisible Hand: Business, Success & Spirituality and also writes for Huffington Post about Leadership, Meditation, Yoga and Health. He is an experienced Kriya Yoga practitioner and is involved with Hand in Hand a humanitarian charity that also runs an amazing school for disadvantaged children called Balashram in Odisha, India.

David has just returned from being in silence for 300 days on a solitary retreat without emails, world news and contact with friends and family.

Speakers confirmed for TEDx Youth 2016


Stephanie Lamb
Stephanie Lamb Women’s role in society
A 16-year-old feminist studying at the Guernsey Grammar Sixth Form, Stephanie is passionate about equality between all genders and wishes to one day help instrument a completely egalitarian society.
Jazz McCutcheon
Jazz McCutcheon Eating disorders have no face
Jazz is a 21 year old from Guernsey and is currently studying Social Work at the University of York. She was diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa and Clinical depression at the age of 15 and has been raising awareness of eating disorders throughout her recovery. Her experience of various mental health services has lead her to speak out about the challenges she has faced and she is now an honorary member of the Board for The Youth Commission of Guernsey & Alderney.
Adam Sparkes
Adam Sparkes Host
Tamanna Miah
Tamanna Miah Words hurt just as much as actions
Tamanna Miah, at 22yrs old is a well-known activist from Sevenoaks, in her final year studying BA Media and Communications & Politics and Governance attending Canterbury Christ Church University in Canterbury in Kent. An established campaigner in youth, community, voluntary, and politics sector for over 10yrs, having started volunteering from the young age of 11yrs old, volunteering has provided a wealth of experiences for her. Tamanna has had many positions in many charities and organizations and influenced decision making locally, regionally, nationally and in Europe. She has been a trustee altogether for 4yrs n the youth sector, 2yrs at Connexions Kent and for the last 2yrs at the National Youth Agency. She is also a regular Public Speaker, Media Spokesperson and Campaigner representing many different charities and organizations speaking out on many issues such as racism, bullying, mental health, Islamophobia, Domestic Violence, Transport, refugees and many more issues.
Eloise Ballay
Eloise Ballay Young people’s voices matter
Eloise Ballay is a 18 year old girl which is currently studying Level 3 Childcare to hopefully achieve the optimal goal of one day being the Education Minster or even Chief Minister of the States of Guernsey.
Emily Yates
Emily Yates Undressing Disability
Emily is a 24 year old accessibility consultant, Lonely Planet travel writer and TV presenter currently based between the UK and Rio De Janeiro, where she is working on making the underground transport system for the Olympic and Paralympic Games inclusive for all.
Emily has cerebral palsy and is a permanent wheelchair user. She has experience working and travelling in the UK, China, Australia, southern Africa, the Sinai Desert, the USA and South America. With a Masters Degree in Disability Studies, and having presented a documentary on disability, sex and relationships for BBC3, Emily hopes to elimate the sexual taboo that surrounds disability by 'undressing' it. Expect to feel uncomfortable and empowered by this subject
Becky Cox
Becky Cox Being autistic in mainstream education
A 17-year-old studying at Guernsey Grammar Sixth Form, Rebecca was diagnosed as autistic in August 2015. With an interest in English and journalism, she enjoys writing about her experiences.
John Sweeney
John Sweeney
John Sweeney is a social entrepreneur from Cork, Ireland. He is the founder and Chief Kindness Officer of Suspended Coffees, the global social movement that has positively impacted and changed millions of lives around the world. He is an international Speaker, Kindness Coach, and Storyteller. He’s an expert in building social connections for Brands, and has grown his own Suspended Coffees Facebook page to more than a quarter-of-a-million fans with an average weekly post reach of 1.5 million. John lives in Ireland with his wife and four beautiful children, who teach him as much about kindness as anyone else on the planet.

About TEDx

The aim of TEDxStPeterPort is to inspire, engage and catalyse the Guernsey population to make positive, innovative steps to improving quality of life on the island.
TEDxStPeterPort seeks to raise the bar for the perception of what is possible to achieve and deliver the message to Guernsey that “Nothing Is Impossible.”

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