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The Event

The next TEDxStPeter Port event is being held on

Thursday, 26th March 2015

09.00 to 17.00 (GMT) at

St Pierre Park Hotel Spa and Golf Resort.


St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1FD

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Confirmed Speakers

John Sweeney
John Sweeney Kindness and Movements
John Sweeney, of Cork, Ireland, is the Founder and CEO of Suspended Coffees. As a husband and father of four, he understands the struggles that families face every single day, in a world full of uncertainty. As an entrepreneur, his compassion and desire to help anyone in need is what led to the creation of the Suspended Coffees movement.

Tim & Jo Lucas
Tim & Jo Lucas Reimagination of Building/Planning
Tim and Jo will be talking about the house they have built together over the past five years. Kew House is a corten steel and glass next to Kew Gardens in south-west London. The house is remarkable for the learning environment where architecture graduates and skilled tradesmen worked alongside each other to build the house from the on site workshop in the basement.
Carol Vivian and Michelle Ayres
Carol Vivian and Michelle Ayres Mental Health/Education
Mental health problems in young people are increasing. Self harm, depression and anxiety.
Twelve key life skills for everyone - especially young people. A proactive, protective approach to mental health.

Lets build strong foundations for our children - children are the future.

James Maskell
James Maskell Primary Healthcare
Medicine operates 17 years behind the latest science and, with advancing technology, the gap is only widening. James’ passion is inspiring innovators across disciplines to accelerate this evolution of medicine. In his talk he will be asking the question... if you could start a medical system from scratch, what would it look like?
Søren Hermansen
Søren Hermansen Islands as test beds. Renewable energy
Søren is passionate about community and local ownership. How do we reinforce local communities and bring back a diversity of culture and locallities. Change need to come from people. Climate change is happening because of people- we need to find new ways to address the personal responsibility.
Julian Hanford
Julian Hanford Art Challenging Norms
Julian Hanford is the former Creative Director of Specsavers Optical Group in Guernsey during the 1990's, and is now an established Conceptual Artist and Photographer who lives and works in London.

His talk will be about the true power of Art in our society today.

Philip Smith & Warren Mauger
Philip Smith & Warren Mauger Challenge
Philip and Warren will be talking about the power of challenge and using it to be the best you.
Josh Valman
Josh Valman Maker Movement
One of the UK’s brightest young entrepreneurs.
David Orban
David Orban The Future
David will be talking about
“How To Thrive In The Network Society”
Stephen Ozanne and Martyn Dorey
Stephen Ozanne and Martyn Dorey Smart Laws
You can think of laws and contracts as instruction sets, which are created and interpreted by humans to run society and govern our relationships with each other. However, Stephen and Martyn are challenging that approach by applying new technologies that enable machines to read legislation and contracts. In their talk they will be asking… can we disrupt how we apply the law and engage with each other?

More speakers to be announced

About TEDx

The aim of TEDxStPeterPort is to inspire, engage and catalyse the Guernsey population to make positive, innovative steps to improving quality of life on the island.
TEDxStPeterPort seeks to raise the bar for the perception of what is possible to achieve and deliver the message to Guernsey that “Nothing Is Impossible.”

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